i wish that i could wake up with amnesia, and forget about the stupid little things. Like the way it felt to fall asleep next to you.

✉ || August ⇆ Catalina

  • catalina: ok....
  • catalina: what is it
  • august: you know that phone call i made when we first got back together?
  • august: i don't think you'll be too mad
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✉ || August ⇆ Catalina

  • august: so i've got a little something to tell you
  • august: imma tell you over text just in case you get made
  • august: but remember it's bc *heart emoji*
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You guys think Luke is so innocent…

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it was painfully difficult for her to keep her hands off him while
she waited, aching to drop down to her knees in front of him &
show him how much she could really tease him. but there’d be
time for that later, and right now all she really needed was the
feeling of him filling her up. catalina instantly cried out as soon
as he slipped inside of her, legs wrapping around his waist and
arms wrapping around his neck. she normally wouldn’t have let
him do most of the work himself, but the slickness of the shower
wall made it hard for her to arch her hips and really, she was too
far gone when they started to be of any help to him now.

                    ❝ always — fuck — feel so good, baby. ❞

she moaned out, hand reaching above them because she was
desperate for something to grip onto, but her fingers only slid
down the wet surface. because of that, she opted to grip his
hair instead, fingers carding through the dampness and tugging.

in a moment it became particularly clear that this was the first
time since they broke up that they were fully bare together &
his hands explored her body as if it would never get to again.
at one point he was so invested in her he forgot how emerged 
in hot water that he almost slipped. grabbing at her tights, he
pulled her legs up to wrap around his waist so he could plunge
deeper into her. delighting in her tight heat. 

                    ❝ s — say my name. ❞

he demanded, biting hard into the swollen parts of her neck he
had previously sucked at. the feeling of her fingers tugging at
his hair causing him to emit grumbled moans. he could devour 
her. one hand grasping her bum, he used the other to collect 
both her wrists and hold them above her head.

                    ❝ — say it. ❞

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Happy 23rd Birthday, Dylan O’Brien! (26.08.1991)

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There was only one goal of the night which was to spend some quality time together for the first time in a while. But as much as Jaelin tried to avoid a fight, it was like it was the inevitable. The fact that he called her clingy started a fire inside of her being. Did he really say that to her? How could she be clingy when he was never there to cling to? That was something Jaelin found truly insulting and hurtful. Just as she was about to reach out for the door handle, she jumped back, seeing as Colin had sprang in front of her, blocking the door. Now that her only way out was being barricaded, she crossed her arms against her chest and turned her head to the side – an attempt to avoid total eye contact with the male. She swore at the boy internally, her whole being enraged at hearing that word — clingy. Jaelin gritted her teeth, trying to hold back tears and screams at the same time. Colin obviously didn’t get it – he didn’t understand where she was coming from one bit. Releasing an irate huff, Jaelin shook her head, finally turning her gaze back to the boy. “Colin, stop! You’re not getting it at all – you have no idea how I feel!” And then the waterworks started, warm tears making their way down her rosy cheeks. “I don’t care that you have new friends and I don’t care that you spend time with them – I really don’t, but when you start putting me and our relationship on the back burner, then I become upset. You’ve been so out of reach lately and it hurts, Colin. And the fact that you can’t see that and have the audacity to call me clingy for wanting to spend time with you hurts me even more.” The truth was spilling out of her mouth now and it couldn’t stop and neither could the tears. But it was a good thing because the longer she held it in, the more the anger built up inside of her. “I never said you didn’t care and never suspected you of cheating – don’t put words in my mouth. I know you do, you just haven’t been showing it. If you don’t want to put in the effort to make this work anymore then let me know because I am doneletting you waste my time.”


Colin was flabbergasted by her reaction, watching as tears cascaded down her face, his cognac hues stares in dismay, completely taken aback. In their relationship he could only recall her crying a handful of times, and an even smaller number of them had been caused by the golden haired male. It was like the fight was now in a new element that made him feel as if he were standing on a crumbling ground. —— and it hurt, seeing her torn up like this and knowing it was his fault. Still, for some reason he couldn’t bring himself to halt the argument and comfort her as he should have. “Not exactly how you feel, but I would think we’ve been together long enough for me to understand how this whole thing works.” Colin fired back, his hand reaching behind him to lock the door, which was pointless seeing as she could easily unlock it, but it was comforting. ”Maybe you never said those things, but you sure implied that these feelings are becoming one sided. It’s like you completely forget that everything I’ve given up to be with you. So sue me if I’m trying to balance school, having a life, and being with you. I thought I was doing pretty good at keeping you in the loop — sometimes I’m just too tired to text you back, Jaelin, or it just slips my mind.” He wanted to point out that she was no longer the only thing swirling through his mind throughout the day, but the comment almost slapped him in the face with a reminder of how bad it could come off. Maybe they weren’t as consumed in each other as they used to be, but everyone had always told him that would happen, and it didn’t seem like too bad of a thing. People were meant to be part of your life, not all of it. Still, the idea of her walking out that door raised panic in his chest. “I want to put in the effort — I always will. We’ve been through so much for you to just walk out the door. I will fix this, okay.”  

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okay so if i do something wrong, upset you, make you mad, make you annoyed, you don’t want to talk to me anymore, or you don’t want to rp anymore, could you be so kind and tell me? because then i’m not sitting here trying to talk to people that have no intention of talking to me.

just to add onto this, I don’t care if you drop threads with me but if you drop them for a reason that I can fix (i.e. not following your rules, my writing style, etc) then I’d love if you could tell me so that I can improve and become better. I do understand if muses don’t click though so you don’t have to tell me that.

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