i wish that i could wake up with amnesia, and forget about the stupid little things. Like the way it felt to fall asleep next to you.




             she leans into him instinctively when his arm snakes around her  
             waist, because he hadn’t touched her in too long for her liking.
             her brow cocked in curiosity at his next words, something about
             his tone making her question what the hell he could possibly be
             up to. and that’s just how august is, really. he’s always surprising
             her and keeping her interested and that’s what she loves the most
             about him. she’s never been bored by him for even a single second.

                           ❝ — what is it? tell me. i wanna know what it is. ❞ 

            she perks up a little then, kneeling on the couch in excitement.
            and damn, she’s nothing if not impatient !! plus annoying.

             his teeth sink into the lesser brim, containing the chuckle he almost
             emitted at the sights of her getting excited over a gift. honestly, he
             found the idem to be a tad lame, it wasn’t  extravagant, it reminded
             him of them when he saw it though, and that ought to matter. there 
             was a  slight  quiver to his  hands as he  pulled the  medium velvet
             box from his pocket, and he had to concentrate to get it to stop.  

                           ❝ all right … here. ❞ 

            hesitantly, the male opened it, reveling a small necklace ; the center
            contained a cursive c & a made of dozens of diamonds. when he saw
            it, the only thing that popped into his head were their initials together,
            but now the whole thing seemed too mushy and his heart was starting
            to race. 

                           ❝ the other night we got into a fight, and i wanted to pick
                              something up for you before i got here, and i saw this,
                              and — — yeah, it’s kind of stupid, but … if you don’t
                              like it you can totally just throw it away and we can go
                              get you something different. bigger. ❞ 

6:33am + 9
5:28am + 2394




             she kisses him softly, and she can’t help but smile a little against  
             his mouth because she’d missed him. she always missed him. &
             then she was nodding her head, making her way to the bathroom
             to take a hot shower. catalina took her time with it, knowing that
             he’d make himself comfortable and that he wouldn’t mind. after
             she’d finished there, she shrugged a button down he’d left there
             a few nights prior over her shoulders, leaving the top few undone
             because she couldn’t be bothered to care. she couldn’t really be
             bothered with pants, either, opting for a pair of socks that went
             about mid thigh length to keep her legs warm. her fingers carded
             through her damp hair as she approached him on the couch,
             sitting beside him and curling her knees up to her chest.

                           ❝ — did you get me a present? ❞ 

             she asked, her voice soft and chin resting on her knee cap. 


             without even realizing it, august was watching her make her
             way out the room, the most fondest of smiles hinting at his
             lips, and he realized catalina was the only girl he wanted to 
             watch go, but never wanted to leave. finally dawning on him,
             he shock his head as if to shake the thought out of his mind.
             when he could hear the shower going he relaxed on the coach,
             waiting for what seemed like forever before the petite brunette
             was settled beside him. his arm went to wrap around her waist,
             pulling her close because the distance was too unbearable

                           ❝ actually —- ❞ 

             man did he want to milk this.

                           ❝ i did, but i don’t know if you really want to see it. ❞ 

5:26am + 9




             her cheeks turn a shade of crimson at his words, tucking a  
             stray piece of hair behind her ear while she chuckles beneath
             her breathe. and then she’s snapping back into attention.

                           ❝ yeah !! yeah, of course. sorry. come in. ❞ 

             she says quickly, stepping out of the way and keeping the 
             door open so he can walk past her. catalina closes the door
             once he’s all the way inside, clearing her throat quietly.

                           ❝ — do you need anything? a drink, or.. ❞ 

             as he walked into the room, he threw the blazer he had been
             holding in a lump pile by the door. turning toward catalina, he 
             reached up to rub his thumb over the pad of her cheek that
             the red resided. every time she blushed it was adorable. 

                           ❝ nah. i’m not really thirsty right now. but I do have
                              something I want to give you — but shower first. ❞ 

             his hand moves down to capture her chin and pull her face 
             to his in a kiss, apposing hand pushing stray strands away.
             with that he moved away from her, working to pull off the
             black shoes choking his feet. 

4:53am + 9




             she’d been just about to get in the bath when she heard the 
             knock against the door, white towel wrapped around her body
             & hair sitting on top of her head in a bun, loose pieces falling
             into her face. catalina opened it slowly, giving him a weak smile
             while she leaned against the frame. ” — — hi, baby.” she mused.

             the sight of her reinforced that he had made the right decision  
             coming over, and he couldn’t help but sigh contently as he took
             her in, stray hairs and all. 

                           ❝ you look — — — beautiful. ❞ 

             his knuckles tapped soundlessly on the wooden frame, head 
             swinging down to glance at the ground before back up, smile
             evident on his face, yet weary. 

                           ❝ gonna let me in ? damn cold out here. ❞ 

4:24am + 9

             as he stepped in front of her door collecting himself, thoughts
             waving on whither this was a good idea of not, hands brushing
             over his tucked in, white button down shirt, it was clearly thee
             dumbest thing he’s done yet. regardless, he swallowed thickly
             and persisted to wrap against her door. 

4:06am + 9

✉ || August ⇆ Catalina

  • catalina: will you come over please :~(
  • august: baby i
  • august: yeah
  • august: be there soon
3:48am + 23

✉ || August ⇆ Catalina

  • catalina: i know you are and i'm being dumb but still it makes me feel funny and not in the good way
  • august: baby, honey, shhhh, it's fine
3:44am + 23

✉ || August ⇆ Catalina

  • catalina: don't say that kind of stuff please
  • august: baby, i was just kidding okay
3:41am + 23
3:39am + 5