it is easy to forget how full the world is of people, full to the bursting, each of them imaginable and
constantly misimagined

im so tired im gonna pass out any minutes, so ima gonna go lay down and try to watch netflix, i /might/ lurk.


  1. dylan: uhhh define teddy bear
  2. dylan: what's goin on??
  3. sage: i lay half on you & we snuggle /teddy bear/
  4. sage: nothing just lonesome blah blah


  1. sage: how much do i have to pay you to be my teddy bear & watch stupid shit with me on tv?
  2. sage: bc :|


Ashton + body details.




Tate was the sweetest character!

He raped her mom and killed like 10 people.

we all have our flaws




          she brings her fingers up to mock like she’s zipping her lips then, keeping her eyes closed as she throws away the key. and she’s strangely obedient today, not even scolding him when the shampoo begins to leak onto her face only to be wiped away by his oversized hands. “ we can’t stay in the shower all day! we have things to do and i’m hungry. ” she finishes with a pout, hand rubbing over her tummy in an almost childlike fashion. “ you’re taking too long, baby. you stand over there and get clean and i’ll stand over here. ” she says as she takes a few steps away from him, namely because she physically can’t be that close to him without putting her hands on him.


          he’s more than please that she is keeping hush as he scoops it from her cheeks. there’s something about the way she doesn’t argue that turns him on, but he is swift to shut the thought down. it shouldn’t surprise him when she breaks the moment by running her mouth yet again, but instead of being annoyed, august is chuckling. ” goddamn it, catalina !! you’re a freaking chatter box. one day you’re gonna lose your voice. —— sure. ” the last part is grumbled, wanting to grab a towel and storm out of the shower, because why should he take being pushed away? but she has a point, so he stepped back & finished washing up. 




      and his mean face was actually undeniably adorable, but she wasn’t sure if that was just drunk mallory talking, so she wouldn’t comment on it. ❝ — — you’re cute. ❞ apparently she would comment on it !! still, she wouldn’t blush about it and she certainly didn’t care that she’d said it because it was true, and she’d never been the type to keep her thoughts locked inside of her head where no one else could see them. her brows furrowed at his next words as she mulled it over, and then she was nodding eagerly, a determined look on her face. ❝ … you’re right. i’m glad you thought of that. ❞ mallory confirmed, and then she was latching on to his hand and dragging him toward the club, figuring they should probably sneak in the back door so they wouldn’t have to wait in the line. there was a lock, but it didn’t take her long to pick it with a pin she’d had in her hair. she was good at getting what she wanted, obviously. turning around to give him a simple shrug, she continued dragging him through the mass of people and toward the bathrooms. 

      his brain was running over their plan when her words interrupted him, and dodge had to choke back flattery, because  m a l l o r y  called him cute, and if he were to dwell on that, he might fall over & never recollect himself. it wasn’t like she was the first girl to call him cute — which wasn’t even an impressive word to be called — but after pining over her for so long, you bet your ass it mattered. still, he was filled with nothing short of pride at he watched her pick the door — admittedly, dodge was damn impressed. where the hell had she learned to do that? and he would have asked had she not already been dragging him inside. ❝ okay, that was … awesome !! ❞ he shouted, eyes darting around, watching the numerous bodies grind on each other till they nearly merged into one; he thought it was best to wrap his arms around mallory’s dainty frame. partly for show, but partly because an instinctive part of him told him to take care of her. ❝ i fucking feel like james bond right now !! ❞ he said as they are pushed around by bodies, hoping the boyish excitement in his voice is masked by the thudding beat surrounding them